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Dirt Destroyer 1L

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Dirt Destroyer 1L Trigger Spray Bike Wash

Dirt Destroyer is a wonderful addition to the list of bike cleaners that comes with state-of-the-art formula. This cleaning product has a massive cleaning capability that can remove or wash away dust and grime by using modern cleaning technology while being friendly to your bike’s finish. 

Being an environment-friendly cleaner, it is a contamination-free wash that can do away with road grim, mud and day to day nastiness that makes our bike less that desirable.

It’s as simple as firstly removing the heavy lumped on mud or other deposits, the same as all cleaners. Then, you need to apply your Dirt Destroyer product on the bike. Leave for about 6 minutes and hose or preferably jet wash off. After washing it cleaves a silicon type coating that beads water. The product also has a pleasant smell. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Dirt Destroyer It’s is a powerful cleaner that makes this product much more effective. The new technology formula can break the microscopic dust and grime down to make your motorcycle cleaning a cinch. 
  • Suitable For All Motorcycles: Dirt Destroyer bike cleaner is suitable for all kinds motorbikes. With this formula, all dirt and grime can be cleaned quite easily. 
  • Safe For Motorcycle Bike Parts And Finish:

This cleaner comes in a fashionable blue colour. While cleaning your dirt bike with Dirt Destroyer, you don’t have to worry about your bike’s finish. 

Because it’s such an effective cleaner that doesn’t harm your bike’s finish, it’s actually conducive to your bike’s gloss and matt finishes.

  • Environment-Friendly: This concentrated wash is biodegradable. Even after cleaning your dirt bike with Dirt Destroyer, it isn’t harmful to your bike parts. Being a biodegradable cleaner, it’s always environment-friendly.


  • Biodegradable
  • Conducive to matt and gloss finishes and silicon friendly, Also Paint and alloy safe
  • Not harmful for bike components and paints
  • Less Scrubbing
  • Classic finish without damaging the surface
  • Leaves a nice beading coating
  • Excellent, fast and effective cleaner to get rid of debris
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles, motorcycles, farm bikes, jet skis etc.

Dirt Destroyer is available in 500ml Trigger bottle, One Litre Trigger bottle and Five Litre Bottle.

12 Per Case