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Maxi Grip ULTRA SG-781A - ATV / UTV 6 Ply

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Maxi Grip® Ultra SG-781A Design Objective:

  • To give more traction in soft to very soft terrain than tyres currently on the NZ market.
  • To deliver as smooth as possible ride when used on hard terrain such as tarseal, concrete and lime races.
  • To give more Kilometers per dollar.


Maxi Grip® Ultra SG-781A Features:

  • Square profile delivers a bigger ground footprint
  • 15 Cleats means 100mm gaps delivering a bigger “land grab”.
  • 30mm tread depth delivers a deeper “bite”
  • Cleats running raised right to the edge of the tyre gives a wider “bite” and more lateral stability through effectively wider axle-base
  • Lengthened centre block gives a smoother ride on hard surfaces and improved side-grip when tranversing hills.
  • Centre block cutaway allows better footprint flex to follow terrain contour.


Distributed exclusively in NZ by Forbes & Davies (NZ) Ltd. (MaxiGrip, Maxi-Grip)