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OKO Tyre Sealant - Get-U-Home Kit

by OKO
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The Get-u-Home™ compressor is powerful, inflating the average car tyre to 30 psi/2.1 BAR in 5 minutes without overheating. It is digital – you select exactly the pressure you need (in psi or BAR) and press Start: the compressor does the rest, inflating accurately to the right pressure and then turning off automatically. Simple: and a boon when you want to ensure all your tyres are correct according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Regular use of the Get-u-Home™ compressor will lengthen your tyres’ life and save you money, as well as optimising your handling and security.

It doesn’t stop there: the unit includes a powerful LED lamp for night-time application, and the lamp can be switched to red flashing mode to warn approaching traffic.

Powered by the 12V auxiliary socket/ cigarette lighter in your car, the 3 metre cable is sufficient for most vehicles. And there are adapters that fit into the nozzle of the air line, so you can also use the unit to blow up bicycle tyres, footballs and other inflatables.