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OptiMate 4 Quad Program - Battery Charger (Gold)

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OptiMate 4 Quad Program is the ultimate battery charger for the high technology 12V / 12.8V battery in your adventure, touring, cruiser or performance motorcycle, or ATV, Side by Side and personal watercraft – the world’s most advanced power-sport battery charger! Fully automatic multi-step program brings the battery safely to full charge – Select by battery type & charge requirement and OptiMate 4 Quad Program does the rest, no supervision required!


  • For all 12V power sport battery types including lead-acid (Pb) > STD (with filler caps), AGM & GEL (sealed VRLA) ) and Li-Ion made with LiFePO4 / LFP technology.
  • BMW motorcycle CAN-bus compatible, automatic activation.
  • Smart desulphation from 0.5V, for Pb battery.
  • Safe to leave connected. Full electronic protection.
  • Maintains battery at full charge and good health.
  • Low voltage recovery & BMS reset, for LFP battery.
  • Tests battery state of health.
  • Energy saving technology
  • Stand-by power less than 0.5W
  • Efficient 24-7 battery maintenance
  • Weatherproof. Rated for use down to -40°C / -40°F.